Need A Faster & EASIER Way To Get Sales?

Instantly Get Leads, Traffic, & Sales
from FaceBook & YouTube in a
Few Clicks!

The worlds first 'emotional-broadcast-responder’
that gets you FREE targeted traffic with FREE IBM Technology.

    • Scan Users Emotions & Sentiments Using A.I.
      See how your Facebook & YouTube audience feel about you - happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral
    • Send Messages Based on Emotions
      Send targeted messages based on people’s emotions - no more lame chat bots or canned replies
    • Send Bulk Private-Messages or Comment Reply
      Send public replies or privsve messages to entire groups of people - based on how they’re feeling
    • Manage Negative Comments
      Bulk delete negative comments in a single click - quickly protect your reputation
    • See Detailed & Advanced Stats
      See how your channel and content is performing - with beautiful, clean and easy analytics
    • Supports 30+ Languages & Newbie Friendly
      Scan & Analyse 30+ Different Languages currently supported by SharpSocial. And with our 3-step easy to use process, this is the easiest app, completely newbie friendly.
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"Works With 30+ Different Languages"


(Get these 2 Add-on Upgrades if you pick up SharpSocial today!)

1. Autoresponder:
Set & Forget. Work on auto-pilot 24X7. Automatically analyse sentiments of new comments and send a private message or comment based on them.


2. Personalised Tags:
Now you can use the Full Name, First-name, Last-name, Date, Day & time in your private messages or comments to tag or personalise your private message for 10X better response.


Here's how the new Add-ons work:

Users Love To Reply Back
To Personalised Messages
Sent Using SharpSocial



Turn social media into your own little
sales machine, in just 3 steps…

Choose a social media account from your dashboard

See how people are reacting to your posts or talking about you on social media - sort by positive, negative or neutral responses

Send a response and instantly send a public reply or private message to everybody who is either happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral about your post, your brand, or your business

SharpSocial works for any type of business...

  • Ecommerce seller — trying to increase sales?
  • TeeSpring marketer — trying to increase traffic?
  • Facebook Advertiser — recover ad spend by engaging, non engaging ad traffic
  • Coach — trying to deliver awesome customer service?
  • Blogger — trying to figure out the best content to create?

If you said yes to any of these, then you’re about to get a truly unfair advantage on social media, because...

Throw Away Those Stuffy,
Complicated Messaging Tools!

SharpSocial gives you all the juicy data you’d expect from a world-class analytics tool… but with one HUGE advantage…

… it shows you the sentiment & emotional status of anybody who mentions or interacts with you online…

… so you can respond appropriately and immediately, right from your dashboard instead of sending the same canned reply to everyone like other apps do.

Wave GOODBYE to Annoying Chat Bots &
Restrictive Messaging Apps...

SharpSocial is taking social messaging to the next level, with powerful features unheard of in other chat bots or messenger apps...

Logo Other tools
Sentimental and emotional analysis (using machine learning based on IBMs tech.) YES NO
See how many of your customers are happy and how many are hurting your brand. YES NO
Analyse & Reply to OLD Facebook & YouTube comments as well as the new ones. YES NO
Send unique responses to groups of people,based on how they feel YES NO
Send messages when you want to (not just when somebody triggers them) YES NO
Send messages on Facebook and YouTube YES Facebook only
Instantly mass—delete negative, damaging, libelous comments about you YES Facebook only
"Reaching out to prospects based on how they feel is HUGE! I have never seen a software with Artificial intelligent so useful to have been released to the average marketer. Sharp Social has endless possibilities and so many to offer for any ecommerce marketer. It’s like replacing your employees with a smart an innovative way while you boost your business because everything is on autopilot."
Oliver Goodwin
CEO - Flipcasat Software
"SharpSocial takes a fresh approach at engaging FB & YouTube users. Emotional & Sentiment Analysis is amazing, something that makes it 100X better than sending canned replies to everyone. If you're doing anything online, you need to be using SharpSocial to properly engage users, help improve your brand and get more sales."
Neil Napier
CEO - KVSocial
"SharpSocial is big for ecom marketers. Imaging being able to earn back your ad spent by simply re-engaging users who have commented but not purchased. SharpSocial is a sure shot way to add another 5-figure to your bottom-line from the money you have been leaving on table till date. Start using this now!"
Tarun Rathi
eCommerce Speaker (MBA Academy)

See What Your Audience is
Feeling & Send Personalise
Response In Bulk!

Just imagine the possibilities…

Protect your reputation - send support messages to people who are feeling angry or confused and shut down negativity before it escalates

Turn neutral followers into buyers - send coupons to “knock people off the fence!”

Convert confused fans into paying customers - send FAQ’s, additional info, customer support links or other content to convert the confused into cash!

Leverage happy customers - send a share or referral request to anyone who’s feeling happy about your brand

And it’s way easier to use than most analytics tools…

Dashboard shows snapshot of your social media channels - quickly see how people are interacting with you across Facebook and YouTube

Content drilldown — detailed analytics show how your content is performing across Facebook and YouTube, and people’s sentiment & emotional reactions too!

Dominate Facebook with next-level
marketing technology…

See how your overall page is performing - view overall page performance, page impressions, engagement, reactions and page demographics

Categorize reactions by people’s sentiment - group people by their positive, negative or neutral interactions

Reply to individual comments, or reply to everybody based on how they feel in one go - send targeted, instant messages to a single person or an entire group of people who are happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral towards you

Bulk delete negative comments in a single click - so you can quickly protect your reputation

Turn YouTube into Your Own Lead
Generating, Cash Pumping Machine…

See how your channel is performing - including comments, likes, shares and views for every video you publish

Categorize reactions by people’s sentiment - group people by their positive, negative or neutral interactions

Reply to individual video comments, or reply to everybody based on how they feel- send targeted, instant messages to a single person or an entire group of people who are happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral towards you

It Has Never Been Easier To Protect Your
Reputation, Generate Leads & SKYROCKET
Your Sales!

"Being able to message my users based on how they're feeling so I can send meaningful responses on autopilot is amazing. With SharpSocial we've been able to massively improve our customer support and brand rep. If you're doing anything online, you need to be using this."
Cyril 'JEET' Gupta
Founder/CEO - Tekniforce
"Emotional & Sentiment analysis is something very new and very powerful. The ability to mass private message and reply comments based on how the users are feeling and reacting is amazing. This gives us the opportunity to engage with users much better and makes our customer more happier since they are getting personal response from us. SharpSocial is a win-win. Highly recommend this!"
Karthik Ramani
Co-Founder - Everlesson
"SharpSocial is one of those app that bring something fresh and very useful to the table. The emotional and sentimental analysis is BIG. Being able to reach out to prospects based on how they’re feeling improves response rate big time and makes it so much easier to get a sales, convert them into brand fans and long term customers. PLUS it’s a great way to monitor and improve your brand rep across FB and YouTube. I highly recommend SharpSocial."
Martin Crumlish
Co-Founder YouZign

Hurry, Price Increases in…


If You’re Not Responding To Your
Customers on Facebook & YouTube, Then
You’re Going To Lose. Here’ s Why...

“67% of consumers have used a brand's social media presence to get a customer service response” 


That’s right — your customers, leads, prospects are using your Facebook page & YouTube videos to ask questions, or make a complaint.

And if you don’t respond quickly, Facebook shows your slow response time on your page... damaging your reputation and scaring people away from you...

Hey, I don’t make the rules... but the fact is... you MUST respond to questions or complaints as quickly as possible...

... or you’re going to lose customers, damage your reputation and repel prospects from wanting to do business with you.

Problem is — how can you possibly respond to all of your social media interactions quickly? You can’t. And that’s why Sharp Social is such a powerful, CRITICAL tool for your business in 2017 and beyond.

But Before You Buy Another Chat Bot Tool,
Consider This...

“No one actually wants to talk to a bot. Users want solutions to their problems. They want answers to their questions. They want their needs to be fulfilled the most efficient and natural way.” 


Makes sense, right? Nobody wants to speak to a robot for answers. But what if there was a middle ground between humans and robots?

What if you could send mass-messages to people based on how they’re feeling and what they want, so you can stop sounding like a robot and start giving efficient and natural sounding responses instead?

What if you could send messages whenever you wanted to — and not just when somebody “ triggers” a response?

Now you can, with SharpSocial!

How Does It Work?

SharpSocial uses IBM’s Watson machine learning & our intelligent social monitoring technology to categorize people's comments and responses into positive, negative or neutral sentiments or emotions like happy, angry, sad etc.

It’s similar to the same technology used by the CIA to see how people feel on social media…

… allowing you to see what people are feeling…

… and swiftly intercept their comments and reactions with targeted responses… to protect your reputation, clear up confusion, and turn comments into cash!

Watch SharpSocial Demo:

4 Reasons Why SharpSocial Is
So Powerful & Unique…

1. Get higher response rates - send targetd messages to people who feel a certain wy and skyroket your response rate!

2. Gain more trust - send super relevant replies and private messages and wave goodbye to robotic sounding chat bots & canned replies!

3. Send public replies or private messages - use public replies to protect your reputation and show great customer service… and use private messages to deliver offers, sensitive info, phone numbers, download links, coupon codes or whatever you want!

4. Not just for Facebook - analyze and mass message people across your Facebook and YouTube accounts, all from a single screen!

Hurry, Price Increases in…


Stop Being a Slave To Social Media – Let
SharpSocial Bring You More Traffic, Leads
& Sales

  • Improve trust and customer service response times
  • Increase Facebook page responsiveness score
  • Protect your reputation
  • Turn negative comments into sales
  • Boost conversions
  • Uncover winning content
  • Separate yourself from the competition

And best of all…

You Save Hours Of Backbreaking Work!

Are you tired of manually messaging everybody who interacts with you across Facebook and YouTube — wasting hours replying to a handful of comments?

Not anymore…

… because with SharpSocial, it takes just one click to send a public or private message to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people who feel a certain way about you, your brand, or your content!

Get Instant Access Today For One-
Time Fee, Before The Next Price


Can You Afford To Ignore
& NOT USE SharpSocial?

Can you afford to spend hours manually responding to everybody who mentions you, comments or your posts, or talks about you online?

Sure, you can just ignore these people, but…

You will lose thousands of potential sales — from people who were excited or confused about your content, but you didn’t follow up with them to close the sale.

Your reputation will get torn apart — from people who talk crap about you online, but you didn’t see those comments, or you simply didn’t have time to respond to them all.

And that’s why…

Thousands Of Your Competitors Are Using
SharpSocial To Turn Comments Into Cash,
Protect Their Reputations, Win Trust &
Save a Ton Of Time…

Isn’t It Time You Joined Them?

Every day, you're losing sales, missing opportunities, or failing to deal with complaints and bad reviews — because you can't keep track and just don’t have time to respond to them all.

SharpSocial unearths all the positive, negative and neutral interactions with your business…

… allowing you to quickly send targeted messages to thousands of people at once, win sales or simply protect your reputation at the push of a button.

And It Won’t Cost You Hundreds
per Month Either!

You can pay up to $439 per month for rep-management and social media management tools that analyse your content and schedule posts…

… but they don't show you your audience's sentiments or emotions, or let you bulk reply to people based on their emotional state.

SharpSocial does what most social media tools don't — it shows you how your audience is reacting emotionally to your posts — and allows you to send specific replies to thousands of people, based on how they’re feeling about you right now.


I Guarantee SharpSocial Will Help
Protect Your Reputation, Generate
More Traffic

Mark my words… SharpSocial is set to become one of the most powerful social media marketing tools you’ll see this year… and it’s going to revolutionize the way you get traffic, leads and sales on Facebook and YouTube forever.

But SEEING is believing… so I want you to test drive it for yourself for 14 days, and see if you can prove me wrong.

And if it doesn’t make it easier than ever to message thousands of people in a single click — publicly or privately…

Or allow you to send custom messages based on the emotional sentiment of your audience… so you can massively increase your response rate…

Or quickly jump on negative or confused fans, followers or subscribers, and stop a bad reputation dead in its’ tracks…

Or just see what type of content is working for you, and how it’s making your audience feel…

… if SharpSocial doesn’t do any of these things…

… then you don’t pay a single dime.

In fact, try it out for 14 days and if, for any reason — or no reason at all — you decide it’s not for you, then you pay nothing… no hoops, no catches.

So, Why Wait?

There has never been an easier – and more affordable – time to start getting traffic and sales on Facebook and YouTube.

For the first time ever, you can finally see how people are feeling about you or your content on Facebook and YouTube, and turn their emotional reactions into cash!

Don’t waste hours trying to reply to every single angry, confused or happy comment
— let SharpSocial automatically send 100% targeted,
— customized responses privately or publicly
— and watch your reputation, traffic and sales go through the roof.

SharpSocial LITE

SharpSocial Multi

To Your On-Going Success

P.S - If you’re tired of chat bots or manually trying to message everybody who interacts with you on social media, then SharpSocial was made for you.

It allows you to send customized messages to thousands of people at once, based on how they’re reacting emotionally to you, your brand or your posts on Facebook and YouTube.

Forget robotic sounding spam. SharpSocial allows you to send highly targeted responses
— both publicly and privately
— to everybody who interacts with you on Facebook or YouTube... making this one of the most powerful social media marketing tools you’ll ever own!

Hurry, Price Increases In Few Hours..


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